Jim des
              Rivieres Moth Images

As nice as these images may look on the web, there are only a pale shadow of what they are like printed. The following zoomable image shows you the amount of detail that is captured by a single scan.


Luna Moth (7758 - Actias luna, female). Wingspread 115 mm.

The underlying 184 megapixel image file (15671x11753 pixels) saves as an 669MB uncompressed TIF (RGB, 8 bits/channel). On a moderately high resolution (100 dpi) display, the zoomed-out image shows you this moth at 1.8 times life size; fully zoomed-in you are seeing it magnified to 32 times life size. On a standard resolution 72 dpi display, the magnification range is more like 2.5 to 44 times life size.

Jim des Rivieres next to 36x24in print of
                      Grammia virgo moth

My moth images were created with the intent of exhibiting them as large prints. A large print permits the viewer to step back, to see the entire moth, and also to look closely and see details that would normally only be visible with a low-power microscope. The 36x24" print from this file shows this moth at 7.3 times life size.

The Exhibits page lists where prints are currently on exhibit.